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In 1958 Cambridge Fire Brigade asked if Crofton Engineering could build a Fire Tower for the local retained station in Linton, based on our range of agility equipment that we were manufacturing at that time.

53 years later Cambridge Fire & Rescue Service asked if Crofton Engineering could design and build a combined Smoke & Fire Training House with Rope Rescue Tower for a new site at Milton, Cambridgeshire.

After working consultation with operational crew, who could describe what they really needed, we proposed our 10m x 10m two storey Building with Roof Space for Cold Smoke Training.  Internally, using Lockable Doors, the layout and access routes can be altered through the various rooms and lobbies.  Window Shutters block light and hold in the cold smoke plus there is a Dry Riser in the double-flight stair lobby.

The smoke is removed efficiently with an extract system. The Roof Space, with Ladder Access through a Hatch, provides the facility for confined space training. The Roof, with a 450 pitch, provides yet another training opportunity for Sloping Ladder Practice. Fully integrated into the building is a Standard Drill Tower, customised with a 600mm wide Ledge for Working at Height rescue. Alongside this is a second tower structure with Exposed Structure and Overhead Beams to allow for Rope Rescue Scenarios.

The flexibility of our designs and construction methods means the Smoke House can be supplied as a separate facility or we could create a new combination with the FT96/3 CFH type.

We are currently working on modifying this structure to add in LPG to further enhance the reality of the training.

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