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Crofton Engineering has been involved in all aspects of fabrication and structural steel work since 1953. With our original Fire Drill Tower delivered in 1958, and still in use today, we have a long history in this arena. Our 11,000 sq/ft factory is equipped with separate fabrication and finishing facilities.

Research carried out by Crofton Engineering into the requirements for the training of fire officers has produced models designed to conform to current guidance on safety in drill towers, whilst maintaining the basic needs to provide a practical training facility. 

Our wide range of towers (designed to suit every budget) are employed in over 400 fire stations throughout the British Isles and abroad, and with constant use over many years, have proved robust and durable. The demands of such diverse site conditions are catered for in the design, making out towers the primary choice in many areas.

Our towers can also provide mounting facilities for telecommunication aerials, abseiling, rope rescue practice or virtually any other adaption that may be required. 

We have extensive experience of working closely with Architects and Design Engineers to solve unusual problems and have developed a comprehensive and skilled site installation service. Crofton’s own erection crew install our towers, on a ready prepared base, in just one day; causing minimal disruption to either construction sites or busy operational fire stations. The tough steel construction, with a choice of special anti-corrosion treatment can minimise any need for servicing and gives a virtually indefinite life. This is particularly important when severe exposure is likely to be encountered in the farthest reaches of the British Isles. 

Our drill towers


FTF33 Drill Towers

FT66 Drill Towers

FT66-4 LTE

With RTC Canopy, Culvert and Crash Barrier

FT96 Drill Towers

FT96CFH Drill Towers

FT96C Drill Towers

FT96 WAP Drill Towers

FT96C WAP Drill Towers

FT96LTE Drill Towers

FT96LT  Drill Towers

Multi Roof Training Rig