Live fire simulators

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Crofton Engineering now offer new generation cost-effective LPG fired simulators backed up by 60 years experience in the design, construction and supply of fire and rescue training buildings.

Live Fire Simulators

Crofton Engineering can now offer bespoke modular steel cost-effective Fire Behaviour Training Units (FBTU’s) using LPG-fired scenarios to a Fire & Rescue Service’s specific requirements. 

Crofton’s FBTU’s utilise the very latest new generation gas combustion technology that prides a highly realistic flame signature, which combined with some obscuration that can be finely controlled delivers new standards of repeatable levels of realistic firefighter training experience and outcomes. 

Ripley ITC - Full Complex (11)
Ripley ITC - Full Complex (16)

Each FBTU embodies a master control and safety system based upon a touchscreen PC, and whether providing various fires in compartments inside a modular steel structure, including a spectacular flashover, or on an open-air site such as a petrochemical platform, can be controlled by an instructor in close proximity to trainees using a remote hand-held controller. 

Please contact us to enquire further about our new generation cost-effective training units, when we will be pleased to provide more details of our latest product. 

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