Task:  FT96-4 LTE

Completed the supply and erection of the second FT96-4 LTE rope rescue and SWAH training tower.

“The only feedback I can give is all positive thanks! – Stefan Cooke – Head of Surfacing Division Phillips Park FT96LTE training tower”

“Crofton Engineering were very pro-active, and responsive, in the design of the tower at Philips Park FS to meet the requirements of GMFRS Estates section and the Training Deaprtment.

Tender Stage: All drawings and specifications, required for the tender documents, were provided on time. Additional information requested by the Local Authority Building Control section were provided quickly and comprehensively.
Pre Commencement Stage: I was very impressed with the effort made by yourself to attend the Pre Commencement Meeting which was held on site, despite the long travelling distance. Your attendance and contribution was very much appreciated, especially with regard to the project commencement and programme planning.
Construction Stage: Your product was delivered on time according to the programme. The construction of the tower on site was very efficient.”
Jon Chesterton MRICS, Chartered Surveyor – Phillips Park FT96 LTE training tower

Greater Manchester Fire Rescue – Phillips Park1